Baja California Sur / by Weston Cederblom

Los Barriles has become a special place in my heart. Actually, the entire Baja Peninsula is a growing place of interest to me. A vast beauty that fulfills my adventurous spirit with it's intense landscapes romantically placed between two major bodies of water. Add some of the most genuine people you'll ever meet, a dirt bike with a grip of peso for gas and an endless flow of cervesas & tacos. A little slice of Heaven on Earth that I've only begun to explore.

To explore Baja with me I've broken this down into 6 areas & activities. At the end of each page navigate to the next. Enjoy!

  • Secret Oasis
  • El Triunfo
  • La Paz
  • Adventure in the Desert
  • How to cruise Baja
  • Deep sea fishing, dirt bikes & baby turtles + travel tips