El Triunfo / by Weston Cederblom

This next town is called El Triunfo which is north of Los Barriles on the way to La Paz. Not exactly a destination but most definitely worth stopping if you're passing through. Especially if you're a pianist since there's a large piano museum and some rich musical history. El Triunfo is an old gold & silver mining town which held more than 10,000 people in it's prime, having only 321 residents now.

There's a gringo with a place in the back of the cafe with an extensive Harley Davidson collection. Pretty sure the rad antique truck with the custom 4x4 front end is his too.

We wandered around some old mining equipment and observed the smelting stack from the base. I was curious how it was built to such precision with the technology available back then. After a little research I found out that it was designed by Gustave Eiffel, the same guy that engineered the Eiffel Tower! 

We were then approached by a local. He was eager to take us on a hike of the place. We were reluctant to accept since it was right in the heat of the day but glad we did. He filled us in on the history of the mines while showing us an old cemetery, ore sifting sites and a bird's eye view of the entire town.