Weston's choice for lighting and posing books.

When I first started my photography career I had basic camera knowledge and shot just about everything. Wildlife, architecture, my coffee, a fancy car, a friend's cute dog... literally anything I felt I could make a pretty picture with. At my start I took good photos but really couldn't tell what made a good photo, a GREAT photo. Then I started experimenting with portraits and people. Which was scary to think about back then but wanted to take it as a challenge! When I took a portrait that I thought was AMAZING it felt like it was by luck, cause I really didn't know what I was doing. I wanted to have the skills & knowledge to reproduce that quality of portrait consistently. So posing and lighting were my topics I wanted to dive into. 

I purchased a variety of books, some were great and others not so much. These two below literally jump started my knowledge by two years. I was instantly able to put these concepts to work on my very next shoot. Then furthering my skills by practicing the techniques I learned, now able to take awesome portraits naturally and without thinking of it. I hope you find as much value in these books as I did. I created a quick link below to find them easy. Cheers!

Lighting: Direction & Quality of Light

Posing: Picture Perfect Posing